UI & UX Design

The Minster Building

The brief was to deliver an iOS app in order to enhance, promote and add value to the experience of arriving at the recently refurbished “The Minster Building” in London. 

The app was to be used as a tool to facilitate the rental process and the logistics of welcoming visitors to the building, or companies operating within the building. The app was to be only used in landscape mode of an Apple iPad.

  • Year 2018
  • Client Minster Building
  • Skills UI & UX Design

Worked under the supervision of the Head of Product Design. Produced wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs for the app. Designed floor plans and location maps.

In order to make the app user-friendly, ease of use, relevance and hierarchy of the information displayed was a key element. The existing brand guidelines of the building (as a brand) were followed for the visual design process, as well as on the design of the floor plans and location & accessibility maps.