Presentation Design, UI and UX design, Exhibition Stands, Whitepaper, Landing Pages, Social Media,
Infographics and Diagrams, Video app walkthroughs
UNIKEN is a fintech company with offices in the US, UK… UNIKEN offers seamless multi-factor authentication solutions to secure any transaction across any channel. As the sole designer in the company my role has been very diverse and has had to evolve and adapt accordingly with the needs of the business.

This is a work in progress but I’ll share a sneak peek of the design work being developed for the new website.

Exhibition Stands and Events

I first started collaborating with UNIKEN designing collateral and promotional materials for events & conferences. From exhibition stands, presentations, handouts, roll-ups and so on.

Brochures & Whitepapers

Brochures and Whitepapers are that marketing material that can have a very diverse audience. It might get printed and handed over at a conference or an event or it might get distributed digitally and be printed or read on a screen. Whichever way it must always look clean, readable and easy to print commercially or at home/office. Having clients across the globe mean all materials designed to be possible printed have to be designed for both lettersize and A4


Designing presentations has been part of my recurring task since I started working in fintech and UNIKEN is no expecting. PowerPoint is probably not that well-loved by many designer. I look at it as a supporting canvas and I do enjoy working around its constraints. Through the years of designing presentations, I have also became familiar with certain styles, tips and tricks of presenting and designing presentations.

App Mock-ups & Light Prototypes

Similar to the presentation work, designing and creating branded mock-ups of the solutions offered for a sales pitch or any other purpose has been a constant since I first started working for fintech and UNIKEN follows suit.

Mainly used in the “day in the life” and “user journey” decks, mock-ups can help convey  the idea and possible benefits of a product in a very simple and straightforward manner, using a real like life scenario.

Infographics & Diagrams

Mainly used within presentation, technical documents and whitePapers infographcis and diagrams help to illustrate more technical and abstract process and systems, they are not only a good supporting image to help explain something they can also help lighten up a text heavy layout.

App Walkthrough

Apps walkthroughs in video are a very clear way of showing how a products works specially for Uniken as it’s products work in a seamless way to give the consumer the best user experience.

Social Media

Social Media had been huge for a number of years but during COVID it become even more proeminente as the main vehicle for business to share, promote and network.

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